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The Batle the Lords

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Are you caught in the crossfire of spiritual warfare?

You know spiritual warfare exists, but do you know if you are among its casualties?

- Does discouragement, depression, or anxiety overwhelm you?
- Is your family wounded by divorce, unresolved conflicts, or physical or emotional abuse?
- Do you struggle to control your passions and desires?
- Are you caught in a financial trap?

Many of us assume that such struggles are simply reflections of our physical world. Yet, as author Tony Evans teaches from Scripture, all physical battles are influenced or provoked by something in the spiritual realm. Thatís why if we are to be victorious over the devil and his army, we must learn to fight on a spiritual level.

Weíre in a war, but Christ has given us the victory. In The Battle is the Lordís, Evans reveals Satanís strategies, teaches how you can fight back against the forces of darkness, and shows you how to find deliverance from the devilís snares.
Produkta informācija

Autors(i): Tony Evans
Izdevniecība: Moody Publishers
Valodas: Angļu
Vākojums: mīkstie vāki
Lappuses: 382
Publikācijas datums: 1998
ISBN: 9780802448552

Pēc valodas / Angļu
Tēmas / Garīgā cīņa
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