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Blessing Of The Hidden Seed

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Apraksts un viedokļi

The Blessing Of The Hidden Seed. Birth of One Nation is a powerful must read for everyone interested in seeing cities and countries transformed by the power of God. Generations ago, a revival was born amongst the Moravians that shook the futurenation of Latvia. Unfortunately, decades of Soviet oppression repressed the memory of this rich spiritual history. Now, as we celebrate the centenary of the Republic of Latvia, it is time to remember, celebrate and passionately pursue the spiritual legacy that is ours and its gift to the world.
/Inese Šlesere, Member of the Parliament of Latvia, 2002-2011, Chairperson of the Natinal Prayer Breakfast of Latvia/

The congregations of the Moravian Church are the stream ftom which the Latvian nation state was born. This is an inspiring example of cultural history from which we can learn much for our rebirth.
/ Ilmārs Latkovskis, Member of the Parliament of Latvia/

This book reveals to us a mystery that has been lost for decades and centuries about how nations were born and how God brought the Latvian nation into being. It tells the story of the encounter between our nation and the Creator in the presence of eternity, which gave this nation a place and time to exist. While reading this exciting testimony, one can see and learn that every event in the history of the nation has a seed and a peformer, as well as consequences that shape our future.
/Gints Lūsis Grīnbergs, President of the Latvian Evangelical Alliance/

The story takes place in the context of both Latvian history and the important religious processes in the development of the Moravian Brotherhood. Gundars Ceipe book is not an indifferent retelling. He is very emotional in his message. With this book, its author wants to emphasise how very important the factot of spiritual ascent is to the Latvian nation. At the same time, he does not hide his pain that the very first Awakening has not really been appreciated and has even been deningrated during the processes of tranformation that shaped the life of the church and contempoary life during the 19th and 20th centuries. However, the main pathos is expressed in the words, "Ļatvians were and are the people of God".
/Andris Vilks, Director of the National Library of Latvia/
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Autors(i): Gundars Ceipe
Izdevniecība: Moravian Church Mission in Latvia
Valodas: Angļu
Vākojums: mīkstie vāki
Lappuses: 118
Publikācijas datums: 2018
ISBN: 9789934195976

Pēc valodas / Angļu
Tēmas / Kristietības vēsture / Atmodas
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